Cat Boarding

Purrfect care when you’re not there®

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You’re going away and you hate to leave your cat home alone. We get it. We don’t like leaving our cat’s home alone either. But here’s the “CATch”, they don’t mind being home alone.

Even sociable cats, more often than not, prefer to be home alone rather than someplace they’re not familiar with.

As a general rule, most cat experts agree that cats shouldn’t be taken out of their own environment, if they don’t have to be. But, as you know, not all cats are the same. So, if private home cat boarding is something you‘re interested in, let’s discuss it. Your cat will have full run of the sitter’s home and if your cat sleeps with you, she or he will sleep with the sitter. You provide the food, treats, and favorite toys and we’ll provide the purrfect home!