Dog Boarding

Who says there’s no place like home?

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Have you been planning an exciting vacation for months or have an important business trip planned or do you just need a night alone, away from the kids, the furry kind?!

Travelling these days is stressful. The last thing you need to worry about is your furry kid.

We offer luxury private home dog boarding, in a friendly, loving home. No cages, kennels, basements or locked rooms. Our “pet n’ breakfast” is your pups’ home away from home. You provide food, treats, favorite toys, bed, blankets and anything else your dog needs to make his or her pup vacation enjoyable and we’ll provide all the attention, love and fun they can handle. Your dog will have full run of the home and, in some cases, a beautiful fenced in yard to play in. And, if your dog sleeps with you then he or she will sleep with the sitter! It’s that simple.

How does it work? We strongly suggest and recommend that you and your dog visit the pet sitter’s home in advance of the stay, in order to ensure that your dog is comfortable and happy with the home and pet sitter. At the meet and greet you can go over all the details of your dogs likes and dislikes, routine and schedule. You’ll also coordinate with the pet sitter the drop off and pick-up dates and times. If transportation is a problem or your schedule is tight, we offer pet taxi service, for an additional cost.

Pack your suitcase and your pet’s bags too! Why should you have all the fun? Doesn’t your pet deserve a fur fabulous vacation too?

“You call this a vacation? You’re not going to leave me here, are you? Call Metro Tail Pet Care today to book my vacation.”