Home Visits

We’ll bring in the mail, water your plants, feed the fish, rotate the blinds and so much more!

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We don’t just take care of pets. We can also look in on your home. Are you going on vacation? Have a business trip planned? Are you headed someplace warmer for a couple of months to escape winter? No matter the reason for your absence, we have you covered.

Let’s face it, stuff happens. And, the last thing you need to worry about when you’re away is your home. Sure, you probably have a security system in place but can your security company tell you if you have a burst water pipe, a flood, a tree down or worse a dead deer stuck in your backyard fence? Can they tell you if the landscaper showed up as scheduled to tend to your lawn or if the snow removal company plowed your driveway and walkway, in accordance with your cities removal mandates? The last thing you need is a fine from your town for not having your sidewalk shoveled on time, or even worse, having someone slip in front of your home and try to sue you!

Sadly, we have had to handle all of these problems while clients have been away, and then some.

Let us stop by to make sure things are in order and let people see that your home is being visited and watched closely, while you are away. We can water your plants, feed the fish, rotate your blinds, turn lights on, and take in your mail and newspaper. And, we can even take out the garbage! Placing cans on the curb is a great way to let neighbors and strangers know that someone is home, even when you’re not!