Puppy Potty Training

Congratulations! You’re a new parent! Now what

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Maybe it was just one look into those puppy eyes in the store window that did it for you, or a paw desperately reaching for you at the shelter, begging to be adopted. In either case, you’re now hooked and in love. Like all relationships, it takes devotion, love, attention and patience to make it work. And, we’re here to help you.

What can you and your new puppy expect from each other? Well, if you’re anything like us, you’ll likely want to spoil your pet and smoother them with attention, love and affection! And, that’s all good, but early potty training is critical at this early stage of your relationship. The time and effort invested now will pay off for many, many happy years.

One of the first things you’re going to want to do with your puppy is house train them–the sooner the better. Crate training is one of the most effective ways to house train your puppy. Check out what Best Friends has to say about crate training.

Some dog training experts say that a dog can hold their need to go potty about an hour longer than their age. So, for example, an 8 week old puppy, in theory, can hold it in about three hours, assuming they’re getting the proper training and attention. Puppies are a lot like new born babies, they like to eat, pee, poop and sleep.

We can help you and your new puppy get on the road to successful potty training. We can customize a training program that meets the needs and demands of your puppy and your lifestyle and budget.